Mabye I’m oversharing, but this is important

So I know its been forever since my last post.  And truth be told, I did stop stretching for a little while.  And even when I was stretching, I wasn’t really inspired to write about it because there was nothing new to say that hadn’t already been said.  But luckily I was completely re-inspired by a new routine and have been going steady for the last few months. Over that time, I have been wearing my stretcher for only 30 minutes twice a day.  That’s it.  And by now any initial skepticism I had about this short routine is long gone.  I can say for certain that things are progressing quite well.  And even though I’m probably not even half way done with the whole process, I already feel like I have a brand new penis.  In fact, it has totally revolutionized the way I masturbate.  And as a pleasant surprise, it has also totally changed how the different pleasure centers of my penis work.  I get off in a completely new and better way.  There is now enough extra skin for it to slide all the way up and down my entire shaft with zero friction.  Its like I have a built-in jerk off sleeve.  And it has already been incorporated into our sexual repertoire.  And as far as sex goes, I only notice chafing every once in a while instead of nearly every time.  Every day I love my new penis more and more, and just wearing the stretcher for an hour a day is so much easier.  It became so daunting to try and wear it for as many hours as I could every day.  But this new routine is so much more manageable from a mental standpoint.  I can’t explain why it works better this way.  I suppose its a bit counter-intuitive, but the results are clearly speaking for themselves.  Apparently more (stretching) is not necessarily better in this case.

Now comes the part where I tell you again that this is such an incredible thing to do for yourself and your partner.  Guys, unless you are intact, you have no idea how cool this is, I can try to explain it all day long, but you have to just do it and experience it yourself.  Even having a half-functioning foreskin is light years better than before.  Even if I stopped today and never stretched again it would have still been totally worth it.  But now I can’t wait to see what it will be like next month, and the month after that, and the month after that…  Oh, and today I finally moved from a 4″ rod on my stretcher to a 5″ rod.  That means that so far I have added about 3 inches of extra skin to my penis.  That sounds like a lot, but apparently I had that much to grow just to get it to the point where the skin would start bunching over the hump of my coronal ridge.  So at first glance it doesn’t look like much has happened yet, but upon closer inspection you can tell that quite a bit has changed.  It’s pretty fascinating to finally get some idea of how it would have felt to have remained intact.  And the best is still yet to come.  Feeling very grateful right about now.